Mission and vision of the VNR Group

We are the VNR Group – a family-owned business since its foundation in 1975.

Our mission is to support people to become increasingly successful in their professional as well as personal lives.

In order to help our customers become more successful, we offer them the expertise of our independent, knowledgeable practitioners and editors. In order to offer this expertise in the best possible way, we supplement it with our services.

Our vision is to become the world’s largest and best marketplace for information and services.

We have been pursuing this mission and vision ever since the company´s foundation in 1975 by Norman Rentrop and the launch of our first product, “How to start your business”. That is why we have always supported our customers with independent information, opinions, and services. Direct marketing is our most outstanding skill – the organization and our systems are designed for successful marketing and rapid product testing. Since 2017, our mission and vision have been further developed by Richard Rentrop.

We publish products created by independent, well-informed editors, and are known for our utility journalism – created by practitioners and targeted at users. As a publishing group, we do not dictate one central opinion. As part of our ethical principles, we provide our editors a platform for their expertise. On this platform they can spread reliable and verified information and opinions.

We constantly adapt the formats in which we present the information and expertise to our customers (print, digital, etc.). We further supplement these opinions and information with services such as workflow solutions, e-learning, consultation sessions, and many more. By offering our customers these services, we support them in implementing their newly gained knowledge on a regular basis.

Our advertising consists of valuable content and strong sales arguments. It is not only designed to make our existing products more successful but also to test new products on the market quickly and effectively.

We continuously invest in our products to ensure that as many customers as possible become more successful through our products. That is why we focus on building and developing further customer relationships, larger networks, and new forms of advertising. Moreover, we are data-driven, we scale our marketing measures, their fulfillment and the processing of the products via top-notch systems. These systems enable us to quickly create, test, and further develop offers for our customers.

We strive for long-term, trusting and close relationships with our customers, which gives us the opportunity to build and test products for and with them. The development of new products and formats is our recipe for success. We specialize in the marketing and processing of subscription products, and therefore focus on these products to help our customers become increasingly successful.

Excellent products and our outstanding subscription service ensure customer satisfaction. This results in enthusiastic, successful customers who recommend us and our products to others.

We also provide the services of our marketing and fulfillment systems – called platform X – to external companies. With more platform users, we will be able to develop it faster and further expand our network. We are growing our international network by using our systems in the USA and the UK. External companies that use our systems and services will become another mainstay of the publishing group.

The foundation of our success is based on great ideas and the commitment to our most valuable asset: our employees. Our internal organizational goal is “entrepreneurship” within the company. To this end, we invest one month’s salary per employee per year in individual training and further education. For over 40 years, we have trained more than 200 apprentices and trainees. Today, more than 40 of them are still working in the publishing group. We encourage long-term careers, and focus on and encourage individual performance.

Our leadership principles support our culture and our employee development.

We are a family business and are growing solely on our own financial strength. We rely exclusively on the equity of our owners, which gives us long-term independence.

Our goals

To get closer to our mission and vision, we have set ourselves the following strategic goals to achieve by 2028:

1. We are among the three largest financial publishers world wide.

2. We inspire customers and are the leading provider for content & services.

3. Our SaaS solutions empower thousands of corporate customers.

4. platform X is the leading platform for subscription business.

Do you also want to be an entrepreneur in the company and continue writing our success story with us?
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