Our publishing houses

Our group of companies includes nine specialist publishing houses, where our employees seek out the knowledge of the best experts day after day in order to make our customers steadily more successful, both privately and professionally.

By using our products and services, our customers will always find the most helpful answers to all their urgent questions. In addition, they will find much inspiration to ensure their personal success.

After all, we only work with people who truly understand their customers’ professional and personal aspirations, and who are keen to share their subject area expertise and experience.

You, too, are certain to find topics of interest among our products. You probably already know at least one of our brands. Do take a look for yourself and browse through our products.

We are able to offer such a wide range of products thanks to some very special people: our experts and employees.

Our employees – proactive individuals who take ownership

Our employees are characterized by one thing above all: they love what they do. They are 100% committed to our customers. For our partners, this means cooperation on an equal footing, and mutual respect.

Delia Delvos


“What I appreciate most about working at the VNR Group is the mutual support in the team and the fact that I can develop my strengths and interests.

I also have the freedom to choose my areas of responsibility. This allows me to contribute to the quality of our content in the best possible way.”

Patrick Loos


“My job is to create the right solutions for our customers’ everyday challenges. The starting point for this is constant customer contact, e. g. in personal discussions, at target group events (trade fairs, training courses, etc.) or product workshops. Experiencing the issues faced by customers in everyday life up close, day after day, has made my job incredibly exciting and diverse for almost 14 years.”

Alisa Noethen


“I came to the GeVestor Financial Publishing Group a year and a half ago as a working student and was a valued team member from day one. In the beginning, I provided support to the editorial management and customer relationship management, and then gradually took over tasks in online marketing out of my own interest. There, I was able to take on a few projects on my own and had the opportunity to learn a lot. After graduating, I now have a permanent position as an online marketing assistant.”

Maurice Warne


“My name is Maurice and as a trainee in product management, I rotate among different publishers of specialist literature within the Rentrop publishing group every three months. I am particularly enthusiastic about the responsibility that I am given in every department from day one, and the variety of my tasks through working with marketing managers, product managers, customer experience managers, innovation managers and our numerous service providers.”

Kerstin Lautenbach


“Anyone who associates ‘publishing’ with conservative and fossilized structures will be proven wrong at VNR. My work is characterized by new trend-setting projects, diverse areas of responsibility, quick decisions and the opportunity to actively implement new strategies and product offerings. That’s why the originally planned period of five years in the company after my university degree has meanwhile turned into 14 years, which have flown by very fast. During this time, I was able to continuously develop both professionally and personally. At no point did I feel that I was stagnating.”

Our products – As diverse as our customers

Publishing in the 21st century means ensuring prepared and precisely implemented information.

Our solutions are as varied as our customers’.

That’s why we always provide exactly the right format you need, from export control software to nursery school databases, apps, digital training programmes, video courses, etc.

Why our customers appreciate us:

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