Our business is growing thanks to platform X! #letshaveaplatform

platform X comprises the teams and the technology on which our business success is based. It further supports us in achieving our mission of supporting people to become more successful both privately and professionally. Specializing in recurring business, we offer the right solution for anyone who wants to focus on developing good products with good content. We can help you if

  • you already have your own product and need marketing support
  • you are already successfully selling products within your own region, but lack the infrastructure for payment processing, product delivery and customer service, or even if
  • you have a new product idea and are looking for an uncomplicated, time-saving way to put it into practice.

Together with platform X, you can not only implement your product ideas in no time at all, but you will also have an enormous reach for marketing, and support from experienced and well-coordinated teams for all after-sales processes. platform X creates long-term, satisfied customer relationships.

Interested? Check out https://www.pl-x.de/

We are platform X! #teamwork

Our marketing and IT teams, who work hand in hand with enthusiasm and passion, are responsible for the success of platform X.

Marketing platform

With our investments in online media penetration, we are among the top 5 companies in Germany. Behind the scenes are clever minds: our teams of marketing experts, whom we train continuously. We are omnichannel, and combine digital (e-mail marketing, lead generation, PPC marketing, SEM, display advertising, social and website marketing, SEO) with offline channels (print marketing, telephone marketing and direct sales).

Our marketing consultants help our partners stay up to date with new ideas and best practices at all times.

Data platform

In addition to live statistics and reports on marketing campaigns, you can access reports on the analysis of order behavior, advertising effectiveness and customer attrition through a user-friendly dashboard provided by our BI team. This enables us to make the right decisions based on data to scale our recurring business.

Fulfillment platform

Our IT development team works every day to further optimize the user interface and processes of our fulfillment platform. In addition, customer service, data management, despatch and accounts receivable, work hand in hand. We use a wide variety of subscription and billing models which we tailor to each client. Each partner has a named contact person who is there to assist in all matters.

Digital platform

We develop new digital products and business models on our digital platform. It has a modular structure and forms a powerful, scalable infrastructure to expand our product portfolios.

An agile team of experienced product owners and project managers will work on each project – from brainstorming through the conception phase, to specifying of the requirements. Furthermore, the team helps with the technical implementation in stages, from the MVP to the market-ready product version.

Take a look at our online dog school, our Vetox community and our ELEX export software to get an idea of our digital products.

platform X is fun! #partypeople

We are one team – even outside of the office. Whether at our legendary offsites or while enjoying after work drinks – we like to celebrate. See for yourself!

platform X is looking for additional team members! #joinus

Continue writing your success story with us! We are always looking for additional team members – no matter how much or how little experience you have. Through our marketing activities, we are one of to the best marketing companies in Germany.

Many innovative digital products (TeachToProtect, VETOX, Hundewiese) are already being created on our digital platform. And with our newly developed fulfillment platform, we are aiming to take our place on the international stage. So, join the team and experience our transformation to become the digital publisher of the future.

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